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Navigating the Heart Ache

Today I feel drawn to write about navigating the heart ache. As the heart opens we feel so much, so much of what is going on around us and so much of the pain that we have stored.

It seems hard sometimes to just 'be in the moment' with so much going on around us....

Who are we to stand in our power and to live in joy when so many are unheard and feeling the pain of being human...

Who are we to shine our light as brightly as we were always meant to and live in such a state that allows us to connect and be at peace with all that is happening in the world...

Who are we feel safe and happy with our lives when others are feeling so much pain...

Who are we to live the exquisite heart centred life of a free being when so many others are struggling to find their centre, their joy, their selves...

We are the light bringers, the healers, the ones that can balance the darkness all around us

We are the chosen ones who laid down our lives in service

Who were sent to live in peace and raise the vibration of a planet in turmoil

We are the ones who can turn this around

Who can find peace

Who can shine a light in the darkness so others can find their way out

We are the ones who chose to be here to make a difference, to serve humanity and bring the new age

We are the ones who said we would stand in our power and bring peace in such times

We are the ones who lead the way and shine for all to see

We are the ones who bring love and compassion for ourselves and others

We are the ones who send ripples out into the universe by living in joy and embracing our freedom

We are the ones that lead humanity out of the darkness and into the light

We are the ones who vowed to live in the moment, to live in joy and to restore what was broken

Into the darkness to find our light

Into the pain to find our joy

Into the suffering to find our freedom

We are the ones who chose to do all of live as our soul awaken

Shake off the shackles and allow yourself to feel joy, to live in the moment, to light the world with your presence!

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